7 Discus Throwing Points

Before we go over discus technique tips, we will cover discus selection. Beginning throwers should use lower rim weight implements because they cannot rotate the discus off the hand fast enough. A lower rim weight discus will not spin as quickly, but the flight is more stable and consistent. More advanced throwers should select an implement with a higher rim weight to release the discus with more rotation. Each thrower should experiment with different rim weights and discus types to find the ideal implement.

Discus Throwing Technique Tips

Start and Wind Up
Start with the bodyweight balanced before the wind up
The wind up should be controlled with little weight shift
Get the discus behind the right hip during the wind up
Extend the left arm out and inside the left knee

Rotational Movement
Drop the left knee down as the right leg is lifted up
Sweep the right leg out long, lead with the inside of the foot
Keep the discus behind the hip
Keep the left arm long and inside the left knee

Drive to The Middle
Sweep the right leg out then forward
Keep the left knee bent
Keep the discus behind the hip
Keep the left arm long

Power Position Set Up (right side pre-turn, left leg push)
Pre-turn the right foot into the middle of the circle
Push the left leg off the back of the circle aggressively
Elevate the discus into the high point
Drop the left arm down near the middle of the circle

Power Position (single support to double support)
Keep turning the right foot it is planted in the middle
Snap the left leg to the front of the ring
Discus starts to drop from the high point (180 degrees)
Left arm extends out after dropping down

Power Position (both feet planted)
Turn the right leg to 90 degrees
Straighten the left leg to block
Keep the discus behind the shoulder when it reaches 270 degrees
Open the left arm to the center of the sector

Turn the right side aggressively into the finish
Hold the left side block
Release the discus near shoulder level
Pull in the left arm to meet the chest during the block
Regain balance during the recovery of the throw


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