Shot Put Placement Video

Glide shot putters typically will hold the shot differently than throwers using the spin technique. The glide shot put technique is a linear event; keeping the shot near the center of mass will help eliminate unnecessary rotational movements associated with technical errors in the glide technique.

Gliders want to hold the shot a little closer to the center of the body.

The thrower will want to keep the elbow down and tucked in closer to the middle of the body. The ball will move from a lower position to a higher from the back to the middle to the front of the circle. The shot putter tries to keep the ball in a straight path; focusing on the body moving around the ball. The shot needs to stay near the center of mass, this will help eliminate any unnecessary rotational movements. Glide

Glide shot putters should keep the right elbow down and in close to the body to set up a linear path of the ball. The ideal path of the shot put is as straight as possible, starting low, raising up slightly into the middle and finishing as high as possible into the release.

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