Shot Put Standing Throw Progression (video)

Shot Put Stand Throw Progression

Crunch Drill #1

The thrower sent up in the power position with the feet  with both knees bent, and the feet split apart slightly wider than shoulder-width. 

Next, the shot putter will place the ball into position and extend the left arm to the center of the throw. The thrower will drop the right elbow down past the right hip. The put is completed from this position by lifting the body's right side, driving the right elbow up high while keeping the thumb down. As the right side is driven up, the left arm is pulled into the shoulder, creating a blocking action with the left side of the body. 

Crunch Drill #2

In crunch drill #2, the thrower sets up in the same position as crunch drill #1, then moves an extended left arm to 90 degrees from the throw. The thrower executes the put from this position by opening the left arm to the sector, then lifting and turning with hips before the final putting action is completed.

Crunch Drill #3

The shot-putter will set up in the power position then, crunches down, similar to the other crunch drills, then drops the left arm down toward the rear of the throw.

The thrower will open the left arm to the center of the sector then execute the throwing motion with a strong block at the finish. Opening the left arm to the center of the sector before blocking with the left side is one of the pivotal points of the crunch drill series.

 Standing Throw

The standing throw is very similar to crunch drill #3; the primary difference is the left arm placement. The shot-putter will bring the left arm back to 0 degrees; from this position, the thrower lifts and turns as the left arm opens before the final putting action.

The ball should stay in a linear path, rising gradually as the put is executed. Keeping the ball in a straight line during the stand throw is critical. Deviating from a straight line during the put hinders the speed generated that can be generated during the release.


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