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Includes videos from

Travis Geopfert (University of Arkansas)

Over one hour coaching videos on how to teach the long jump and triple jump focusing on the approach, in-air techniques, and landing.

Effective coaching methods with training drills and technical tips.

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  • 6 Long Jump Videos
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Free Long Jump Technique Overview


Develop the jumping approach on and off the runway. Start with 6 to 8 strides and Increase the number of strides only after proper running mechanics are established, and the performance is consistent. 

Checkmarks are used in all of the jumping events by the coach and athlete. The first checkmark is at the start of the attempt; the next checkmark is at four steps; the fourth step is the coaching mark to judge adjustments on the approach. 

The final four strides set up the takeoff in the long jump leading into a solid penultimate step and plant onto the board. 

Long Jump Penultimate Stride 

The penultimate step is slightly longer than a normal stride. The hips lower during the second to last step, and the takeoff step plants quickly underneath the long jumper; the jumper drives up during the takeoff. 

A good coaching cue for takeoff preparation is “flat-flat”, the jumper focuses on landing flat-footed to prepare for the drive during the long jump takeoff. 

Long Jump Takeoff 

During the takeoff the body moves up and over the takeoff leg with the free driving up. The body is slightly behind the takeoff foot but rises up and moves forward toward the pit. Long contact time with the takeoff foot as the body displaces forward is a key to quality jumping. 

In-Air Positions 

During the long jump, the jumper will try to overcome the forward rotation of the body with the technical style in the air: the most common styles are the stride technique, hang technique, and hitch-kick technique for the long jump. 

The jumper must focus on staying tall while in the air until the peak height of the jump. 

In the hang style, the jumper extends the arms up to slowdown forward rotation. With the hitch kick style, the jumper moves like running in the air. 

Long Jump Landing 

After the peak of the jump, the arms sweep forward and down to the hips. The feet are extended out until the jumper hits the sand. 

When the jumper hits the sand, the legs are flexed allowing the hips to move forward, the hips will slide into the impact area created by the feet. 


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