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Shot Put and Discus

E-Book + Master Class on the shot put and discus throw. Over 2 hours of video.

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Shot Put and Discus Throw

Coaches Manual

The ultimate guide for the shot put and discus throw with over 200 pages of valuable coaching content. Technique breakdown, teaching progressions, event specific exercises, variable weight implement methods, pre-made training plan for each event with 20 week programs.

Strength training, plyometrics, medicine ball throws, multi-jumps and throw combination exercises, and running workouts designed for the shot put and discus throw. 20 week strength and conditioning program with logical progressions design to peak when it matters most.

Other topics include:

Coaching Communication
Motor Learning 
Teaching Styles
Periodization Models
Psychological Training Strategies
Goal Setting
Competition Readiness
Nutritional Tips for Throwers

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Learn From Coach Cappos

Scott Cappos has coached more 60' shot-putters and 200' discus throwers than any other coach in Big Ten History. His 30+ years of experience can transform your throwers with this ultimate guide to coaching the shot put and discus throw.

Thank you so much for your emails and instruction; it really helped my kids and me. I really appreciate all the instruction, drills, and support. God Bless.

SGM Patrick Amos

U.S. Army

Retired Disabled Veteran Wounded Warrior from Iraq, Volunteer HS Coach

I started training my own daughter in the hurdles; I used a lot of your tips. The long term plan to train for the National Championships was successful. We gained a lot of experience, thanks so much.

Karin Black

Lydenburg, Mpumalanga

South Africa

Finally, someone with the vision to make high quality, online educational programs, and instructional videos. Now I can access coaching materials on my phone and tablet. Thank you for this great service.

Mike Turk

Director of Track and Field

University of Illinois