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16 week In-depth workout plans for short sprinters (100m/200m), long sprinters (200m/400m), and 400m program.

Understand sprint training methods and program design with our coaching program.

The coaching series explains how to use acceleration training, maximum velocity training, and other methods to improve speed.



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Improve Throwing Distance INSTANTLY

Over 50 lessons with over 2 hours of video on the shot put and discus throw.

  • Glide Shot Put
  • Rotational Shot Put
  • Shot Put Releases
  • Glide Shot Put Movements
  • Glide Shot Put Advanced Coaching
  • Shot Put Advanced Training
  • Discus Throw Coaching
  • Discus Throw Technique 
  • Discus Throw Advanced Training
  • Throwing Phases and Mechanics
  • Strength Training Videos
  • BONUS: Shot Put and Discus Throw Training Blue Print for 16 Week Season
  • And Much More


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  • Video tutorials from some of the world’s top coaches
  • Hundreds of different exercises, drills, coaching progressions, training tips and programming
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Our video membership provides 24/7 access to videos and coaching content. You start with over 20 videos/articles and we add new content every week.

You can view our videos and other coaching content in our app that is powered by Kajabi or on your phone, tablet or computer.

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Access to coaching resources with video tutorials and professionally written articles from some of the world’s top coaches. Something for every event area with new content added every week.

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ONE TIME FEE - VIP Membership plus EVERY COURSE...Running, Jumping, Throwing, includes every current coaching course and all future coaching courses. New content will be added automatically. The ultimate coaching package.

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ONE TIME FEE. Get VIP Membership plus the Shot Put and Discus Throw Master Class and every new throwing course will be added automatically. Best option for coaches that work with all of the throwing events.

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