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Javelin Throw Practice Design

Shot Put and Discus Throw Technique

How to Compete and Not Fail with Proper Preparation

How to Peak for the Shot Put and Discus Throw


Founded over 10 years ago as an educational platform to help coaches and athletes, it has become one of the sport's educational leaders. Over 3 MILLION coaches and athletes visiting our site.

Why Track and Field Coach?

“I was lucky to have great track and field coaches in my life. I want to help other coaches and athletes achieve at the highest level and have a positive experience in the sport. I feel the training information provided by Digital Track and Field can help guide coaches and athletes to high-level results immediately.” Scott Cappos - 30+ years of coaching at the high school and college level including 25 years in the Big Ten Conference.

Mission and Coaching Principles

We are committed to maximizing the time, and energy coaches have to spend on training, performance, and education. You will find training tips and refined techniques from elite coaches to gain a competitive edge and reach your full potential.

Many countries have an educational system and methods for teaching sports such as track and field. In China, for example, the basic coaching principles are taken from the world’s governing body of athletics, which include general principles of exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports psychology, methodology, and other beliefs that allow coaches to not only know what to teach but the how and why of sports skills (Zhoung, 2010).

Coaching blends the principles and methods of pedagogy, psychology, kinesiology, physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, together with other scientific and unscientific concepts, theories, and approaches to maximize athletic performance. Coaching involves developing motor abilities, cognitive abilities, and psychological abilities to build the total athlete. 

Our programs help develop the necessary coaching skills for success.

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