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The Shot Put and Discus Throw Coaches Manual


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The Shot Put and Discus Throw Master Class is an organized coaching system with drills, teaching progressions, practice plans and advanced training concepts designed to help you as a throws coach maximize the performance of your athletes.

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Shot Put and Discus Throw Coaches Manual

Full Color Version E-Book The ultimate guide for the shot put and discus throw with over 200 pages of valuable coaching content.

Technique breakdown, teaching progressions, event specific  exercises, variable weight implement methods, pre-made training plan for each event with 20 week programs. Strength training, plyometrics, medicine ball throws, multi-jumps and throw combination exercises, and running workouts designed for the shot put and discus throw. 20 week strength and conditioning program with logical progressions design to peak when it matters most.

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Coach Cappos Spent the Last 30 Years Coaching at the High School and College Level

...including 25 years coaching in the Big Ten Conference.

He has coached:

  • More than 50 All-Americans
  • More than 50 Big Ten Champions
  • More than 100 NCAA Qualifiers

In addition, his athletes have won multiple national championships, competed internationally in the best meets around the world including the Olympic Games.


Now he is ready to share his training methods with you...


Shot Put and Discus Throw

Master Class

  • Technical Charts
  • Glide Shot Put Coaching
  • Rotational Shot Put Coaching
  • Shot Put Releases
  • Glide Shot Put Movements
  • Glide Shot Put Advanced Coaching
  • Shot Put Advanced Training
  • Discus Throw Coaching
  • Discus Throw Technique
  • Discus Throw Advanced Coaching
  • Discus Throw Advanced Training
  • Throwing Phases and Mechanics
  • Essential Throwing Information
  • Strength Training Videos
  • Throwing Rules and Safety

 Over two hours of video segments and 20 coaching articles on the shot put and discus throw and The Shot Put and Discus Throw Coaches Manual

The shot put section centers on the glide technique but also includes essential coaching information for the rotational shot put.

The discus throw focuses on technique development and advanced training methods.

Designed for beginning and elite-level coaches looking for a competitive edge.

Designed by Scott Cappos

Cappos has 25 years of experience coaching in the Big 10 Conference and coached several national champions and All-Americans.


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