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Are you a throws coach that doesn't know where to start when coaching the javelin? Are you a thrower who wants to learn and master the javelin on your own? Maybe you are seasoned in javelin training but want to broaden your knowledge?

With this course, you will learn the fundamentals of the javelin throw in 30 days! Division 1 coach Scott Cappos will guide you step by step through technique, drills, med ball throws, and strength training to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of javelin training.

The perfect course for beginning and elite-level coaches looking for a competitive edge.

Designed by Scott Cappos

Cappos has 25 years of experience coaching in the Big 10 Conference and coached several national champions and All-Americans. 

Learn to Throw the Javelin in 30 Days is a coaching course designed as part of Throws University.

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Build Your Throwing Tradition

"I had the chance to learn from many great coaches and athletes including Olympic Champion Thomas Rohler (pictured), now I want to share this knowledge with you" - Coach Cappos

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Javelin Throw

Coaching Course

The javelin throw course discusses everything you need to know to get started with the javelin throw as well as more advanced training for experienced coaches.

The course covers throwing mechanics, different elements of the approach, specific running exercises, throwing exercises with the javelin and with medicine balls. Specific flexibility, strength and speed exercises designed for the javelin throw. In addition to specific training, the course includes strength training, general medicine ball throws, plyometrics and running workouts for the javelin throw.

The course also teaches you how to design your own training program plus provides examples used by top javelin throwers.

We review videos of top throwers, look at what they do well and what they do that's more individualistic.

Every session will have a different training program, our first week is very simple, a basic progression; during week two, we advance the exercises and add more complex training. During week three, we start to get more advanced, we take it to another level, and by week four, you're going to be prepared for competition and have a much better understanding of the javelin throw and how to design a program.

The course has information never seen before on the javelin throw organized to be used by coaches at all levels.

Improve Throwing Distance INSTANTLY

Coach Cappos has an organized coaching system with drills, teaching progressions, practice plans and advanced training concepts designed to help you as a throws coach maximize the performance of your athletes.

Basic and advanced concepts to improve throwing technique and distance.

Learn From Coach Cappos...

He Spent the Last 30 Years Coaching at the High School and College Level

...including 25 years coaching in the Big Ten Conference.

He has coached:

  • More than 50 All-Americans
  • More than 50 Big Ten Champions
  • More than 100 NCAA Qualifiers

In addition, his athletes have won multiple national championships, competed internationally in the best meets around the world including the Olympic Games.


Now he is ready to share his training methods with you...


So, If You Are Ready To Have Your Athletes


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