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7 Sprinting Workouts

Sprint workouts for speed should start with dynamic warm up exercises to improve sprint technique and proper running mechanics. All running workouts need to start with drills to improve sprint mechanics before the sprinting workouts for speed begin.

Sprint Mechanics

The primary methods to develop sprint mechanics include dynamic warm up drills, acceleration training, and maximum velocity training. The focus on mechanics is not only during warm up drills but also during all running workouts.

During intense running workouts, focusing on sprint technique is one way to overcome the fatigue is to develop proper mechanics, especially with sprint workouts for beginners.

Proper technique repeated over time will yield performance improvements. Sprinting workouts should include technique work to develop coordination, balance, and timing with simple sprint drills.

Sprint Workouts for Beginners

Use shorter distances with more recovery with sprint workouts for speed when starting the season. Slowly increase the length of running distance or decrease the recovery time during running workouts. Acceleration mechanics and maximum velocity training should be trained before speed endurance, according to the USATF Coaching Curriculum (USATF, 2015).

Sprint Workouts for Beginners Examples:

Week 1: 4x20m 2 point start @95% with 4 minute recovery

Week 2: 4x30m 3 point start @95% with 4 minute recovery

Week 3: 5x30m block start @95% with 3 minute recovery

Advanced Sprint Workouts

More advanced skills such as ground contact time, stride length, stride frequency, and recovery mechanics are developed with sprint workouts for speed.

Sprint Workouts for Speed Examples:

Week 1: 5x30m 3 point start @95% with 3 minute recovery

Week 2: 5x30m block start @95%+ with 3 minute recovery

Week 3: 6x20m block start @95%+ with 4 minute recovery

Another good sprinting workout is moving or flying into a sprint

100m Sprint Workouts

Executing basic sprint mechanics with precision in 100m sprint workouts is the key to transforming technique when developing speed.

100m Race Simulation Example

2 sets (2x80m) @95%+

6 minute recovery between repetitions

10 minute rest between sets

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